Which apparel company will the next president wear?

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump has taken to wearing the brand name “Pact” apparel, which he often wears with other politicians and celebrities.

And during a recent visit to a clothing company in Wisconsin, Trump and his wife, Melania, wore “Pax Americana” t-shirts.

But it’s unclear if Trump’s apparel brand will be the next to get the attention of his potential successor.

Here are seven of Trump’s other fashion choices.

jordan, pants, pax, apparel source CNN article President Donald J. Trump’s clothing company has a new line of pants and a new name.

Trump and the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But the apparel company, Jordan, has released new items in anticipation of a possible presidency.

The first new product is the Jordan “Paw Print” pants.

The pants feature a logo emblazoned with the word “paws” and the words “Paws” emblazened.

The company said the pants are designed to “make a strong statement” and that the pants will be available in a variety of colors.

The new Jordan pants also include a logo embossed with a “P” and “J” and a logo “Made for Trump.”

The pants will run $50, which is slightly less than the $60 price of a pair of the jeans.

And a pair will retail for $90, which means the new pants will cost about $60 more than a pair that goes on sale for $80.

The Jordan “Dress for Success” pants also have a new design, which feature a stylized logo with the words, “Pant for Success.”

The logo is printed on the leg and the pants have a button closure.

The $70 Jordan pants will go on sale June 9 for $95.

“Passtime” pants were first introduced in the late 1990s.

But they have never gone on sale before this year, according to a Jordan spokesperson.

They’re a staple of the White, Black and Latino communities.

The brand is owned by Michael Jordan, the president of the United States.

josh, joshan, jon, clothing source The former New York City Mayor’s clothing brand has also been hit with controversy in recent years.

The New York Times in 2016 published a report that detailed the problems with the fashion brand.

The Times reported that Jonathon and Jonathan Shapiro, who were co-owners of the company when it was founded in 2005, had a history of misusing the brand.

A New York Magazine article from 2013 reported that the two had a “relationship” that included the two “showing off their personal style and flaunting their wealth and privilege.”

The two also allegedly used the company’s logo to advertise their clothing lines.

Jonathon Shapiro was later convicted of securities fraud and sentenced to six months in prison.

The story also described a series of complaints against Jonathon, alleging that he used his position to advance his personal brand, and that he didn’t have the proper ethics policies in place.

The article also alleged that Jonny Shapiro had a relationship with a white woman who was a “singer” and was paid for her appearance, and said that the women used the singer’s likeness to promote their products.

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