Trump to meet with wholesale clothing vendor in New Hampshire: ‘I want to make sure he’s going to do a great job’

Trump will meet with a wholesale clothing brand this week in New England as he tries to bolster support among a group of New Hampshire Republicans who have rallied around the Republican nominee in the wake of the GOP primary results.

The president will meet for lunch with the wholesale clothing seller at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., on Wednesday.

Trump has repeatedly tried to woo the voters who helped propel him to victory in the GOP primaries in March.

But the retail market is a major hurdle in his efforts to court conservatives who have long favored a less confrontational stance on issues like trade and immigration.

Trump, who has not formally announced his campaign, has repeatedly stressed his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a controversial 12-nation trade pact championed by U.S. President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

That pact, known as TPP, has become a major target for the Republican presidential nominee in his bid to win over independents and other voters who backed Trump in the primaries.

Trump’s transition team said on Monday that Trump is likely to discuss TPP during his meeting with the company.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The meeting comes a day after Trump made a controversial remark about immigrants from Mexico, calling them “rapists” and “criminals” who are bringing drugs.

The comment was later retracted.

The campaign has sought to downplay Trump’s remarks in recent days.

The billionaire said during a campaign stop in Michigan that he would like to “build a wall on the border” with Mexico to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

The Mexican government has previously said it does not consider illegal immigrants from Central America or other Central American countries to be “criminally” in the country.

Trump also said he would deport all of the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants living in the U.s.

But on Sunday, he added: “There are a lot of people that are here illegally that should not be here.”

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