How to get a new dress made in Australia – the easy way

Catherines Australia has announced a $1.2 million crowdfunding campaign to help its employees create a new fashion label in Australia.

Catherine’s has been trying to build a brand in the country for the past year after losing its first Australian store in the late 2000s, and the company is hoping to use the campaign to secure its first store and establish a manufacturing facility.

The campaign has raised $1 million to get the new business off the ground, and will include a design competition for the first model.

Caterers and designers will have the opportunity to submit their designs for the next generation of models.

Catering, fashion and clothing have been Catherin’s most significant revenue streams, with the company’s main customers including Gap and Uniqlo.

Catelyn is also expected to play a key role in the company moving forward.

“The next generation Catherino’s brand will redefine how women and men experience style, while giving consumers a new way to experience the brand, in a more personal and personalised way,” Catherina said.

CATHERINE’S CLOTHES AND BEAUTY: What to expect Catherineras products include the popular Catherini line of dresswear, plus more casual styles like the new Durex and Bali.

It also offers womenswear for the likes of Dior, Burberry and Victoria’s Secret. 

The company’s new flagship store will feature the same styling and feel as its existing stores, with a focus on modern, modern designs that cater to both men and women.

CATERIES COMMENTS: Catherinos online store has also launched an updated site, with an expanded selection of its favourite products and an improved design section.

There will also be a new, more personalised store design for women.

The new store will launch in Sydney’s outer suburbs, but will be open in the city’s inner west and south-east.

Catheriners new store in Sydney is set to open in 2018.

The new brand is also partnering with the ABC to broadcast Catherinas new campaign.

The company is also launching a new Catherinian branded mobile app to allow its customers to shop around.

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