Which clothes should you donate to charities?

Designers and fashionistas who want to donate to worthy charities and help the environment should consider clothing donations, according to a new report.

The report by Charity Navigator and the Independent Group says the vast majority of the world’s clothing donations go to the poor, with some charities also using clothing donations to provide clothes to the homeless.

Read more:  “Almost 90 per cent of clothing donations are made for the poor,” said Mark Tatum, CEO of the Independent.

“The vast majority, about 85 per cent, go to women, the poor and underprivileged people.”

He said most of the money is used for clothing and food.

“It’s a huge impact on the poor who need clothes the most,” he said.

“But clothing is only a small part of the total impact, as much of it goes into other areas.” 

“In many cases, clothing is used as a way to create an identity for the donor, a way of getting their name out there.”

The Independent’s research found clothing donations accounted for less than 5 per cent (5.2%) of all donations, compared to a median of more than 20 per cent for the overall industry.

The charity also found clothing charities used clothing donations as a “reward for their donors”.

“A charity can reward its donors by using a variety of charitable or fundraising activities, but the most common way for a charity to reward its donor is through clothing donations,” the report said.

The Independent has contacted the charities for comment. 

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