The clothes of the elite, by the elite

From the top, the Gucci brand has long been known for its stylish and well-executed collections, but in the past few years it has been on a roll.

For example, in December 2015, the luxury retailer unveiled a new collection of designer clothes, all of which were made by the same designers.

This trend was quickly picked up by fashion houses like Gucci, whose flagship collection was also inspired by Gucci.

And this summer, Gucci’s new collections included a number of collaborations with luxury brands.

For instance, the new collection features Gucci and Fendi designer Renato Gianotti and his signature menswear line, with the collection being worn by the likes of British actress Amber Heard.

And, of course, Guccis newest line of jeans, Guacos denim jeans, is now available in stores.

The new line is also a continuation of the company’s long-standing partnership with Fendi, which started with the Gucci-Fendi partnership.

Here are the top five Gucci clothes for the elite.

Amber Heard wears the Guacoses new jeans line for the first time on ‘The Voice’ This spring, Amber Heard, who is a Gucci employee, rocked a Guccio pantsuit, which she wore in the “The Voice” episode.

Gucci’s latest jeans collection is available in store.

Top designer Renata Gianotti, who works closely with Gucci designer Gucci Fendi on the GuCCi line, shared his thoughts on Gucci jeans: I have always been a fan of Gucci pants.

They are so comfortable and stylish, and the quality of the material is incredible.

The fact that you can find them in a store for the price you pay for them and get them in the same color as your other Gucci-branded items, it is a very special thing.

Gucci released a statement about the upcoming line, saying that it was “an incredible collaboration between Gucci Gucci Foundation and Fendal Gucci,” but did not elaborate.

Bruno Mars recently revealed that he is the designer behind Gucci Men’s shorts and pants, and that he will be making a GuCCI-designed men’s top.

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