Yeezy sneakers to launch with sustainable clothing label

Yeezer sneakers are now on their way to the UK and are set to launch in a variety of stores this week, including in the UK.

The Yeezys are the brand’s most popular shoes, but the Yeezers are also made with a variety the most sustainable materials, and that’s where the brand wants to make its foray into sustainable fashion.

The shoes will launch in stores this weekend, with the UK’s first store opening on Wednesday, December 11.

Yeeze shoes have also been the subject of some controversy, with some claiming they’re not as good as sneakers made in the US.

In a statement, YeeZys co-founder and CEO Sean Combs said the new Yeezi line was “about creating a new generation of footwear that’s made from sustainably sourced materials and crafted with sustainability in mind”.

The Yeezys shoes are being made from the same materials as the Yeezus, which are made of leather, Nylon and polyester, Combs added.

“We’ve been inspired by the YEEZY sneakers, which have become iconic in the footwear industry for being so much more than just a pair of shoes,” he said.

“The YEEZA shoes have made a name for themselves in the fashion world, and we’re really excited to introduce YEEZE shoes to the world.”

The Yeeshould launch in the United Kingdom on Wednesday December 11 at the UK shop of Yeeza, and in a number of other countries in the coming months.

It’s expected to be available in more than 100 shops worldwide, including Yeezees stores in the U.S. and Canada.

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