How to Find and Shop for Young Women’s Clothing in the ‘Burbs

Breitbart News has learned that many of the most coveted and popular young women’s clothing stores in America are closed this week.

This is the final week for the closing of most of the stores, but there are still plenty of items for sale on the racks at Wal-Mart and other retailers that are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

These stores offer a vast array of clothes and accessories, with most items available online or at brick-and-mortar stores, and many items are available in-store.

Below are some items that are currently open in stores across the country, and where you can buy them: Zara has closed its doors for the day, but you can still buy clothing at other retailers such as Forever 21, Target, Victoria’s Secret and Anthropologie. 

Zara’s clothing is a staple of most teenage girls’ lives, but for many of them it is also the source of much frustration.

Zara’s store is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, and it is located just across the street from the Brooklyn Bridge, just two blocks from the Macy’s flagship store.

Zare, an online retailer that specializes in the trendy women’s line, opened its doors on Thursday, September 21, and its clothing is stocked in a variety of colors and sizes.

Zatara, a brick- and-mortars chain, is also closing its doors this week for good.

Zaire opened its online store on September 10 and is stocking items for September 20.

In its place is the popular online clothing shop Zare!

This site is located right on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, a few blocks from Zare’s flagship outlet, and offers many of their popular brands in a range of colors, patterns and fabrics.

Zaraya, a clothing store that also offers in-stores, is still open, but is no longer stocking items. 

L’Oréal is closing its online and brick- &-mortard stores, along with its brick-n-mortards. 

The brand is closing all of its stores in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Hollister is closing some of its online stores, including its brick and mortar outlets. 

Ariel has closed a handful of stores, like its online outlet. 

Coco is closing down most of its brick &mortar outlets and online stores. 

Lauren is closing her online and online shops. 

All of these stores will be replaced by the following: Carnation opened its doors in July. 

Pajamas opened their doors in late September, with the first-ever selection of the brand’s new summer dresses. 

Dress Club opened in August, and is offering dresses in a wide variety of fabrics, styles and colors. 

Mamonde opened a few weeks later, with dresses in all sizes. 

Karen opened her online store in October, and will be selling a wide selection of styles. 

Glamour opened in late September and has since added a few items to their online store. 

Sister opened the online store for the first time in November, and has now added new styles, including an all-black, floral dress. 

Vogue opened an online store with some items in June. 

Toys ‘R’ Us opened on October 6. 

Amazon opened up its online shop in mid-October. 

ShopRite opened at a later date. 

Target opened for the holidays, but closed its online outlets for the last time in early November. 

IKEA opened all of their stores for the year, with new stores coming online in December. 

And Alaska Airlines opened most of their locations in late November.

Here are some other retailers and stores that have reopened on Friday and Saturday, with a few remaining on Sunday. 

Wal-Mart opened Friday, September 19, and they will still have several stores open. 

On Friday, Sep 20, Wal-mart is still selling items online, and you can also purchase clothing at most of these retailers in-person. 

If you are in the Brooklyn or Staten Island area, there are also a few stores that are still open on Saturday and will still be stocking items this weekend. 

Here are the remaining stores that will remain open through the week. 

Alamo Drafthouse opened Wednesday, September 22, and have now opened several stores. 

 Alaska American Air opened Thursday, August 22, and will continue to sell items online. 

Chicks-N-Ducks opened this weekend and have already opened a number of stores.

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