Which are the worst brands to shop at?

I’d be happy to be wrong here.

There are some truly hideous brands out there, some that I’d want to avoid at all costs.

However, I’d also be lying if I said I’d never shop at one of these.

They’re worth considering if you’re considering the sale of the brand you’re going to.

Here are a few of the worst to consider.1.

T-shirts from Zara, Bumble &Bumble2.

Clothing from Calvin Klein, J.

Crew, Zara3.

Shoes from Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Dior4.

Bath and Body Works cosmetics from Sephora, Marc Collins, Lush5.

Totes from The New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Magazine, Wired6.

Books from Barnes & Noble, HarperCollins, Doubleday7.

Books, magazines, and newspapers from B&N, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Powell’s, and more8.

Shoes, clothing, and accessories from Neiman Marcus, H&M, Neiman, J&amp:Mart, Kohl’s, Forever 219.

Pets from PetSmart10.

Toys, toys, and collectibles from Target, Toys “R” Us, Mattel, Toys R Us, and many more11.

Jewelry and other precious stones from the National Museum of American History12.

Clothing, jewelry, and other home accessories from Tiffany &amp:Arnold, Chanel, and others13.

Pets, toys and other items from Bed Bath &amp

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