What to Wear in the White House

Dress for the occasion, don a skirt and wear a tie, the rules of etiquette dictate.

But it’s not just the dress code that needs updating.

The White House, it’s fair to say, has been a far cry from the place it was in 2017.

A decade ago, it was a place of open-minded, progressive politics.

This year, the new president’s agenda has been an assault on traditional American values, and it’s led to an environment of fear and anxiety.

In a time when so many Americans are feeling insecure about their livelihoods, the President’s White House has become a breeding ground for anti-American sentiment.

The president is actively attacking our freedoms, and his administration has taken steps to undermine the safety of our families, communities and our country.

We must be vigilant in protecting the American Dream from those who would tear it down.

To protect the American dream, we must embrace an agenda that promotes the rights of all Americans and upholds the rule of law.

We should not forget the many hardworking people who have made this country what it is, and we must stand up to those who seek to destroy it.

As the new administration takes office, the American people deserve better.

But there’s no better time to take on the threats and dangers of a Trump administration.

We can begin by standing up for our freedoms.

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