How to Get Your First Shirt as a Designer Baby

By now you’ve probably heard about how to get a designer baby dress in time for your baby’s first birthday. 

If you’re thinking, “What’s a designer dress?” 

Well, here are some basic steps to getting your first designer dress in style: 1.

Find a designer online or through a local retailer. 

The best place to find designer baby dresses is through a family clothing store. 

Some of these stores will even let you pick your size, which makes it easy to shop at the same time. 


Choose a color. 

For the best fit, choose a fabric with a neutral shade, like pink or blue. 

You don’t need to be completely exclusive to a color, but if you like a neutral color, that’s the best way to go. 3.

Select your pattern. 

Designer baby dress patterns are not limited to just a few simple shapes and colors. 

A great pattern for designer baby clothing will have the same pattern as a full-length dress, like a white one or a brown one. 


Choose the right size. 

To make your designer baby gown fit better, you want it to be long enough to cover your entire body, but narrow enough to fit your baby. 


Choose your fabrics. 

In general, designer baby apparel is made of cotton, wool, linen, rayon, and silk, which are all more absorbent than regular baby clothes. 


Choose fabric that you want to wear in the summer. 

There are many styles to choose from when it comes to designer baby attire, including summer skirts, long skirts, and a few more. 


Select fabrics and color combinations. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and fabrics, and you’ll be surprised at the results. 


Choose an option that fits you best. 

Depending on your body type, a designer bra or dress can be a great option for your style. 


Choose accessories that match your baby body. 

These include baby hats, socks, and pajamas. 


Select fabric for your back. 

When choosing a fabric for a designer back, try to avoid cotton because it absorbs water and can cause discoloration. 


Find baby-friendly accessories. 

It’s important to get baby-safe clothing, like baby pillows, baby beds, and baby carriers, in a fashion that is comfortable and doesn’t cause irritation. 


Pick your size.

Find the size that’s right for you. 

Try sizing up to get the right fit for your body, and then adjust accordingly. 


Check out a selection of designer baby items. 

Here are some items that you might want to look into: Designers shoes: Soft leather and suede for a casual fit, with a few embellishments like embroidery on the toes, a small button or tag, or a lace pattern. 

 Designers socks: Solid wool for a soft feel, with embroideries or ribbons on the bottom of the foot, or lace pattern on the inside of the toe. 

 Designs accessories: Lace patterns or embroideried designs, such as earrings, necklaces, and earrings with ribbons or ribbon. 

Styling accessories:  Beads, bows, earrings and necklids, ear earrings that are not earrings but instead are shaped like beads or earrings. 

Bridesmaid dresses: Strapless bridesmaids dresses are made of silk and silk-screened tulle. 

Maternity tops: They are designed to keep the shape of the top of the dress, but the silk or fabric also helps to give the tops a baby-inspired look. 

Hair: Styled with embroidered designs, a variety of hair styles are available for baby. 

 Baby accessories:Baby earrings: A variety of baby earrings are available, from beads, to bows, to earrings made of tulle, to necklamps and rings. 

Baby bracelets: Baby bracerlets come in many styles and sizes. 

Bears: An elegant way to give your baby a babyish look, these are made from elastic and stretchy material, so they can be worn under clothing, or tied into the hem of a shirt. 

Cats: The adorable cats can be put to good use in a designer outfit. 

Girly toys: There’s a lot of girly toys for toddlers, from toys to stuffed animals. 

Laundry detergent: Wash baby diapers in the dishwasher so they’re less likely to cause bacterial growth. 

Shoes: When it comes down to it, you should always find a pair of designer shoes that you can wear to work and at home, and that fit your body

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