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A look at fashion in the 90s from the 90’s that made a lasting impression on us. 

In our latest series, we’ve got the latest from the fashion industry. 

We have our top 10 favourite items from the era, but you can also find some lesser-known pieces that are perfect for any girl, and we’ve even included some of our favourite trends that have gone on to become iconic. 


Brasil Bikini Bikini style from Bathrobe Collection, 1994. 

“Brasilian Bikini” is a word that has stuck with us for some time now, and this bikini style has become synonymous with the ’90’s in a big way. 

This style was inspired by the idea that all women should be able to wear a bikini to work, to play, and to have fun. 

You could wear this as a short-sleeved top, or even as a skirt. 

The bikini was made by the Brasil Biscuit Company, and they were a huge hit. 

Its easy to see why.

It was a bold, modern take on the bikini, and was one of the first high-fashion, high-cut pieces to be made in the 80s. 


Jockey pants from Lonely Hearts, 1998. 

These are probably the most famous pair of cowboy pants to grace our wardrobe. 

A look back at these classic pieces reveals that the brand started as a very small business, but it has since grown into a very large brand. 

They were created by a man named Tony Smith, who also made the Lonesome Cowboy Jacket. 

He used a combination of cotton and denim to create the look, which is a classic silhouette in a time when cowboy jackets were often very plain and simple. 3. 

Rambo Rio Pants, 1999. 

For some reason, it’s hard to explain, but Rampage Pant Company was one of our top-three favourites in the late 80s and early 90s.

We remember this brand because of the fact that the company started as one of my favourite brands of all time, and has gone on a long, incredible run. 


Ella Fitzgerald’s Blondes Blonde style from Molloy, 1992. 

Ella Fitzgerald’s Blonde was one of the more controversial items in our top ten. 

It is definitely not a traditional style, but the way that the design was done has left an indelible mark on the fashion world for many years to come. 

 There is a lack of colour in this style, which was probably the reason that many people took offence at it. 5. 

Vintage style dress from Kiki’s Glamour Style Shop, 1994 This is a style that has been around for a long time. 

I remember being a kid when this dress first became a fashion trend, and I’m sure that there are many kids out there that still wear it today. 

Kikis Gum-Pigs is a major fashion brand that began in 1994, and it is one of those brands that has a very long history. 

Some of their most famous styles include Tangerine, Black and White, and the infamous Frozen Punch, but this is definitely one of their more modern designs. 


Fashion designer Anna Wintour, ’90 Anna Wintor’s first designer-owned label was Kiki’s Glamour, which became a big hit.

The line was created by the late fashion designer, Anna Winsor. 


Gigi Hadid, L’Oréal Hair and Makeup, 1996 Gigi Hadid is one name that is synonymous with high-end beauty and beauty in general. 

She’s been known for her amazing hair and make-up, but she also has a knack for fashion. 

Her style has influenced many designers, but there are several that she is especially fond of. 8. 

Nadine Lescott, Nude Roses Style Shop, 1994Nadette Lescot’s style was so iconic that it was featured in the film, The Naked Gun. 

Although it was only in her 30s at the time, Nadine has been a big influence on other women who have been topless for a while now. 


Adriana Lima, Elle Style, 1994Adrianna Lima’s Ellee Style was a huge influence on the look of the 1990s, and her style has remained a favourite for many women. 

There are two main styles of Elle Rows that have become iconic for many people, and one of them is the Elle Rouge.

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