How the Irish are getting on in life

The average age of Irish people is just shy of 40, which is about five years younger than the UK.

The Irish have the lowest rate of unemployment in Europe and are the only country in the European Union where more people than in any other region are employed full-time.

But this does not mean that life is easy for those living in Dublin and Cork.

The average weekly pay is €3,400, while the average family income is €30,000.

The average person has the equivalent of $1,500 saved for retirement, but they are not guaranteed to get that money.

The typical Dubliner’s life is dominated by work, with a third of their time spent working or studying, and nearly half of their days spent doing household chores.

Many people have had to adapt to a life of relative isolation and unemployment.

Many of those who have had no choice but to migrate have had an easier time.

The majority of people who arrived in the past 10 years were working, although those who stayed were less likely to be employed.

There are about 30,000 Irish residents and nearly 50,000 of them live in Dublin, according to the latest census figures.

The majority of those Irish who left Ireland have not gone back.

Some have been granted temporary residency permits or have returned home to settle in the UK, with the majority staying.

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