Walmart shoppers outraged over new store’s policy

The Walmart store in West Virginia has come under fire for its policy banning the sale of T-shirts and jeans in the same aisle.

The store in Bledsoe, West Virginia, is not only one of Walmart’s largest stores in the country, it’s also one of its largest retailers in the world.

In order to allow people to purchase apparel in their chosen style, the store has now prohibited the sale in the T-shirt aisle of apparel that’s made from recycled material and that has a price tag of $40 or less.

The Walmart store’s Facebook page announced the policy, saying, “While we recognize that it is our policy to serve people who live in communities of color, it is not the policy of Walmart to sell or promote products that are made from materials that we find harmful to human health or the environment.”

The West Virginia store also removed an ad on its Facebook page that had stated that “Walmart is the only retailer that will not sell clothing made from plastic bags.”

It also stated that the company does not allow products with price tags of more than $40.

In addition to banning T- shirts and jeans, the Walmart store said it will now allow items that are less than $5.

The policy has angered Walmart customers, many of whom said they have already bought T- shirt and jeans from the store and will now not be able to buy them again.

“I’m just so disgusted by the fact that they’re going to go and ban the T shirts and shorts, they’re just ridiculous,” said one woman.

“They’re just putting out a policy that’s going to make people buy whatever they want to buy,” said another woman.

The decision comes as Walmart’s stock has dropped and the company has struggled to keep its stock price higher than $100.

The West Virginian also noted that the ban was announced a few days ago and did not take effect until Saturday.

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