How to get rid of kids clothing, clothing for adults

A little-known but big deal in the world of children’s clothing is that kids clothes can be worn as part of clothing as well.

Here’s how to get your kids clothing and apparel removed from stores and online. 


The clothing can be bought online.

There are plenty of options online for buying kids clothes.


There is no way to get kids clothes off store shelves.

There’s no way for kids to get clothing that is worn by other people, or is otherwise no longer available.


There can be legal ramifications.

While kids clothing is illegal in the U.S., it’s a legal gray area in many other countries.


You can get your own clothes.

You’ll need to buy clothing online and pay for it yourself.


Clothing is not necessarily “good.”

Clothing is usually not made from recycled materials.


There could be legal repercussions.

If you decide to buy kids clothes online, there’s a good chance the clothes you buy will be considered “illegal goods” under the Child Protection Act of 1992.


Some stores sell kids clothing at low prices.

If the clothing is too expensive for your family budget, you could find yourself spending more than you otherwise would for a similar item.


You may have to pay for a different item online.

Some retailers will sell items that can’t be purchased on the store’s website.


Some online stores sell children’s apparel.

Some have a child-friendly website where parents can browse the merchandise and purchase it for their children.


Clothing that’s not children’s is often expensive.

Kids clothing is expensive, but parents can pay the extra for kids clothing that they want to wear with their own children.

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