‘This Is What We Do’ by the Miley Cyrus Band is one of the most talked about music videos of all time

Here’s what it’s like to be in the music video for “This Is what We Do,” which will hit iTunes and VOD this week.

The music video stars Miley, 16, and her friend Mandy, 15, in a scene that follows them as they visit a high school graduation.

It’s the first time Miley has been in the spotlight for an actual music video.

Her performance has become a lightning rod for controversy.

“I think we’ve all felt that she’s an icon,” Mandy said of the viral video.

“It’s an honor for us to be a part of something like this.”

In the video, Miley wears her favorite pair of pants and boots.

“The whole idea of this video was, I’m not here to look at you,” she said.

“So you have to wear whatever you want, and I’m wearing a dress, so you’re looking at me.”

The video has become one of Miley’s most talked-about videos.

“In this video, the idea is to just show Miley the world is a bigger place and a more accepting place,” said Courtney Love, co-writer of the video and director of “This is What We DO.”

“She feels like everyone is a little bit like her, but they’re also kind of like me and her.”

Miley and Mandy’s first day of school.

(AP Photo/Mandy Rose) The video also features a cameo by Miley from her hit song “Honey,” a song about coming out as a lesbian.

Miley wore a shirt to school in the video.

Mandy was also in the school when she performed.

“There was a little boy in the hallway who was playing on his phone and texting me and texting my mom and texting the other girls,” Miley said.

Micahel had been planning to use the performance to promote her upcoming documentary, “Hooked Up,” about her life as a queer girl in the entertainment industry.

The video is the culmination of her relationship with Miley.

“She’s really excited about the video,” said Micahella.

“For Miley to be the face of something she’s so proud of, I can’t wait to share it with people.”

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