‘Teen Mom’ Teen Mom: Mom’s new look makes her look like a teenage princess

Sweet Honey Clothing, which offers stylish and trendy fashion for teens, announced on Monday that it has launched its first line of clothes for teens and tweens.

The brand, which also sells children’s apparel, said the line includes dresses, skirts, shirts, hats and more.

It will sell a collection of cute little outfits for teens of any age, as well as a new line of apparel for tweens and children.

“We wanted to create a line for our customers that is designed to match their personalities,” said company co-founder, Emily Gaddis.

“We wanted it to look as though they were wearing their favorite outfits.”

The brand is also launching a line of cute t-shirts and hats.

“Teen Mom” stars Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood are the stars of the brand, along with her sister, Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend, Ben Higgins.

The teen-focused clothing line includes a collection called “Summer Girl,” which is inspired by the girls’ favorite summer activities.

The shirts come in three colors: light green, light pink and light purple.

The collection features a colorful, floral print that will make you feel as if you are in a summer day.

“Teen Mom is an iconic show and I couldn’t be more excited to bring the brand to the masses,” said Evans.

“I hope that we will be able to create an amazing line of clothing for all ages that everyone will love!”

The line is available now at Sweet Honey, and will be available through the end of August.

The Teen Mom franchise has been a huge hit on Netflix, and the show has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Good Morning America.

It also recently landed in a “Best of Show” category at the 2016 Emmys.

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