‘Rainbow’ clothing store opens in Bengaluru

A clothing boutique has opened in Bengalururu, where it will offer rainbow-themed apparel to cater to the Indian diaspora.

The ‘Rainbows of India’ clothing outlet will cater to Indians from all walks of life, including the LGBTQ community.

The clothing outlet is being run by a Bengaluru-based company, Rainbow Clothing, which has already sold its products in New York and Paris.

Rainbow Clothing, run by Sanjeev Pandit, says it plans to sell a range of clothing items such as suits, tights, sweaters, pants, shoes, accessories and socks.

Pandit, who lives in New Delhi, said he decided to open the store after the death of his father.

“When I was young, my father had passed away and my mother, too, passed away.

My mother wanted me to make clothes for her so that she could take care of them.

So, I decided to give her a piece of my mind and started making clothes,” Pandit told The Times.

He said that in the past year, he has sold around 1,000 pieces of clothing and accessories.

“My goal is to become a business with my clothes and accessories and build a reputation in the fashion industry,” he added.

Pandits father had died in November 2016 and his family has since moved to India.

“The reason why I came to Bengaluru is to be able to continue my father’s legacy in the Indian clothing industry,” Pandits brother, Vinay Pandit said.

The store will be located in the space formerly occupied by the famous ‘Babu Bibi’ restaurant, which had been closed for over 10 years.

Panditar said that Rainbow Clothing would offer a variety of clothing, including t-shirts, jeans, jackets, jackets with hoodies, skirts and sweaters.

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