What do you think about ‘Mad Men’ casting ‘Mad Girls’?

Mad Men’s casting of Joan Holloway’s Liz Lemon as the fictional wife of Don Draper has been widely speculated for weeks.

The network has yet to announce a show for the character, but the news has been confirmed in recent weeks, and has given fans the chance to ponder the possibility of seeing her in an upcoming episode.

According to a rumor on Twitter, she’s being cast as “the first woman to be on the show.”

She’s also described as a “vulnerable and beautiful” woman.

We’ve been told she’s the second most likely character to appear on Mad Men after Peggy Olson, but her identity has never been officially confirmed.

We’re also not certain if she’s going to play Peggy’s best friend and sometime crush, the woman she meets in season 5, and the woman who would be the “other” Peggy Olson on Mad About You.

She could be the first woman in the show’s history to be cast in a role that’s historically not seen as a woman’s.

What do we think?

We’re not sure about any of this.

Joan Holloways story on the series was a bit of a mixed bag, but she’s definitely an interesting character to consider.

The character is also the daughter of the fictional character Draper (played by Matthew Weiner) and a young mother.

We think she’s a very interesting character, and we think she’d be a good addition to the show.

But, if she doesn’t come onscreen, we can always look to see if other women have been cast in roles that haven’t been seen as traditionally seen as women’s roles.

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