I think I’ll get my money back

When I was a teenager, I did my best to make money, but not nearly enough to keep my parents from spending it.

We spent too much money on clothes, shoes, jewelry, and vacations.

I was never really good at spending.

I still remember the day when my mother’s father came home from work.

It was his favorite day of the week, and he invited me to his house.

It had all the décor and décor accessories you would expect from a family holiday.

He came out with the biggest present of the trip, a gorgeous gold dress with a diamond brooch and a chain around its neck.

The man was my father, and I had to be his bride.

A few years later, when my parents were still together, they got divorced.

They divorced at the age of 54.

I had always considered myself lucky.

I’d been a good student, but I didn’t have the money to buy expensive clothes.

My mother got me a nice suit, and my father got me an inexpensive suit with a little gold brooch.

When they divorced, I didn

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