Clothes mites: ‘It’s a good thing I’ve not died’

It’s a great relief that baby clothes moths are now extinct, with the species found on newborn babies in Europe now extinct. 

The mites are a group of about 300, which live in mites, such as the ones on the feet and under the clothing. 

There is no known explanation as to why they died out, but the scientists say they are a good example of how humans can live without them. 

“This is a good sign for the future of mite-free clothing, because we have no good reasons for the disappearance of these pests,” said Stefano Mariotti, from the Institute of Microbial Ecology and Ecology at the University of Padova. 

A new study in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution has revealed that mites in humans are not the only ones to be on the go.

“They’re found on the hands and feet of babies and people are often exposed to them as they eat,” said Mariotta.

“It’s possible that they are also in clothing.

If you’re carrying around a pair of baby gloves, they might be there for you.””

These mites could be in contact with the baby’s skin and this could lead to a skin allergy.”

The mite is a type of arthropod which lives in the soil.

It feeds on dead plant material, but also on insects.

Scientists believe that mite activity can lead to skin allergies, especially when mites have been in contact during the first few days of life.

According to Mariotte, the researchers are now looking at whether mite infections are more common in people with skin allergies than those without.

“We’re interested in how skin allergy develops in people, and we’re now looking into this,” he said.

“Our hope is that these mites will be extinct and that we can stop the spread of mites.”

The scientists have now published a paper in the International Journal of Parasitology on the study.

Mariotti is the first to study mites on babies and they are found on nearly every part of the body.

The molt of the mites occurs when a female moth lays eggs in the mite’s nest, and the moth returns to feed on the matted-down caterpillar.

After a few weeks the moths can be seen emerging from the molt.

Moths are the most common food source for the moles, which are usually found on humans and animals.

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